Charles Barkley & Shaquille O'Neal on Game 5: Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers | Inside The NBA

  • Published: 24 April 2019
  • Charles Barkley & Shaquille O'Neal on Game 5: Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers | Inside The NBA | April 23, 2019
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  • D-D.Nashton -Report
    D-D.Nashton -Report  2 months back

    Wow that nation Ghana is really representing eh. D "Kente" tie is from Ghana . It's d national design or print of Ghana. And from what I know Ghanaians are some of d most honest coolest ppl. GOD BLESS them n us all.

    • Kasey Rhoades
      Kasey Rhoades  2 months back


      • Just For Fun
        Just For Fun  2 months back

        TOR vs PHI :O
        It's gonna be a great one!

        • Anakin Cloutwalker
          Anakin Cloutwalker  2 months back

          Just goes to show how important a jumpshot is to certain guys game . If you watch fultz play he actually does everything else very well but the lack of jumpshot kills his true potential complete and you can tell it affects his confidence

          • Joshua Black
            Joshua Black  2 months back


            • Fredrick Miller
              Fredrick Miller  2 months back

              If Ben learns how to shoot, he will be able to blow by the guy guarding him OR be able to shoot over guy guarding him regardless of whether they go big or small against him, and then he'll be able to facilitate at a very high level once he can do both. Dudley was right to an extent, but he's still ass😆

              • john beardshall
                john beardshall  2 months back

                Chuck the amazing was right about fultz

                • Donald Pace
                  Donald Pace  2 months back

                  Chuck is wearing more makeup than...

                  • go bot
                    go bot  2 months back

                    Chuck said to succeed they needed him to play well. Since he couldnt they sent him off for guys who could. He was the key to success so if he just sat at the end of the bench they have no chance

                    • cmoneyno5
                      cmoneyno5  2 months back

                      Also... It's not a guarantee that the Bucks will beat the Celtics

                    • Joshua Black
                      Joshua Black  2 months back

                      go bot What???!!!

                  • Justin Grant
                    Justin Grant  2 months back

                    Not even tryna be funny but I wanna know what size fitted jet wears

                    • LeeTravius Mckay
                      LeeTravius Mckay  2 months back

                      Charles "Guarantee" Barkley

                      • Sometimesithinkiseethem
                        Sometimesithinkiseethem  2 months back


                        • MediumBeano
                          MediumBeano  2 months back

                          "Chuck just say you're wrong..."

                          • big deezle
                            big deezle  2 months back

                            Why is Orlando even there what a waste

                            • Justin Whitez
                              Justin Whitez  2 months back

                              @go bot how do u know ur not him

                            • go bot
                              go bot  2 months back

                              @KANYE EAST please DWades knees out of this. He pushed himself to the limit just ending the season. He still has game but his body never agreed with him

                            • KANYE EAST
                              KANYE EAST  2 months back

                              Wish DWade & the Heat made it. :(

                          • Peace Luv
                            Peace Luv  2 months back

                            These guys are real friends

                            • A.T. Oliver
                              A.T. Oliver  2 months back

                              Guys are having fun so much fun to watch!!!

                              • Brandon
                                Brandon  2 months back

                                Always a good time watching these 4

                            • Farrukh Karimov
                              Farrukh Karimov  2 months back

                              Chuck was right on markelle fultz

                              • bringerofallevil
                                bringerofallevil  2 months back

                                Theres a different Kinte I know, it didnt work out for him - Charles