Sixers Rout Nets to Advance to Second Round | NBA on TNT


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  • Mark Arren
    Mark Arren  2 months back

    raptors in 4

    • Mike Young
      Mike Young  2 months back

      "You rang...." nice lurch imitation Charles.

      • Troy Soares
        Troy Soares  2 months back

        Keep sleeping on them 76ers tnt..Sixers are gonna beat the Raptors !!!

        • Makaveli 2Pac
          Makaveli 2Pac  2 months back

          Hahahaha nice try.. YOUR DADDY IS WAITING

        • Paul Anthony
          Paul Anthony  2 months back

          lol your funny yall forgot Kawhi is your daddy

      • solo sports
        solo sports  2 months back

        “nEtS iN 6” headasses

        • Real Coaches Corner
          Real Coaches Corner  2 months back

          Lol after all that snitchin in LA chuck too funny

          • Pens Suck
            Pens Suck  2 months back

            "JJ is on the team for two reasons: make 3's and get that grade point average" -- Chuck

            • bojo perez
              bojo perez  2 months back

              redick shooting the ball without even landing on the floor

              • Hodgy
                Hodgy  2 months back

                HOLD ME BACK REF

                • LeeTravius Mckay
                  LeeTravius Mckay  2 months back

                  "U RANG?"

                  • Kris Garland
                    Kris Garland  2 months back

                    Go Sixers!

                    • PRIS
                      PRIS  2 months back

                      The only Nets highlight is a bench player tryna fight? The Heat and Charlotte should have made the playoffs

                      • Australia
                        Australia  2 months back

                        PRIS but they didn’t cause the nets are better then them.

                    • Hammaadh Hussain
                      Hammaadh Hussain  2 months back

                      You Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaanngggggggggg!

                      • BcroG11
                        BcroG11  2 months back

                        Coming from a man who looks like an egg.

                    • Mirza singgih
                      Mirza singgih  2 months back

                      Chuck said jj is on the redick

                      • UK 77 82
                        UK 77 82  2 months back

                        “All that snitching in LA” 😂

                        • Mami Reina
                          Mami Reina  2 months back

                          😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "when a ref can hold you back you really don't wanna fight"

                          • Tosh T
                            Tosh T  2 months back

                            Chuck praising and throwing shade at D'Angelo in the same breath. 😂

                            • jr da boy
                              jr da boy  2 months back

                              Tosh T I can’t think of russel as anything more than a snitch

                            • Tosh T
                              Tosh T  2 months back

                              @I Might Be Of course it's throwing shade. No one has ever said throwing shade and the truth are mutually exclusive. In fact, the truth is the best shade.

                            • Terrañxe
                              Terrañxe  2 months back

                              Its not "throwing shade" its the truth.

                            • Darth Cheeks84
                              Darth Cheeks84  2 months back


                            • Dragon Ballzzz Deep
                              Dragon Ballzzz Deep  2 months back

                              Word. Afrer all the snitching in LA 😂😂😂

                          • Anthony Chen
                            Anthony Chen  2 months back


                            • Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind

                              It was a beatdown from the jump. I didn't expect the Nets to just rollover like that tbh

                              • Elton Veliu
                                Elton Veliu  2 months back