Ben Simmons analysis, 2019: The Point Big Man

  • Published: 20 January 2019
  • Ben Simmons' shooting is a limiting factor in his game, but how good can he still be without an outside shot? How does he stack up as a defender or passer? This detailed film breakdown & scouting report examines the strengths and weaknesses of the Philadelphia 76ers second-year forward while incorporating analytics & stats to asses his overall impact.

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    Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball, a Nylon Calculus contributor, creator of the Backpicks Top 40 series & host of the Thinking Basketball podcast.

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  • Toyadome C
    Toyadome C  37 minutes back


    • Kevyn Battle
      Kevyn Battle  44 minutes back

      i think im more CONCERNED about his aggressiveness. sometimes he looks unstoppable at times at the rim
      dude you are 6"9 PG. you have a advantage. but he dont need 3 shot . but he definitely needs MID RANGE

      • MoonyD911
        MoonyD911  2 hours back

        He just needs to work on his free throws and get at least a jumper ij his bag of arsenal.

        • Nicholas Beaver
          Nicholas Beaver  8 hours back

          It's beyond me that you only have 92K subscribers. I'll be advertising my man!

          • NBA FANBOY
            NBA FANBOY  19 hours back

            Lonzo by far the worst shooter as a point guard no means of scoring at least simmons is a monster

            • Elgyn Croker
              Elgyn Croker  23 hours back

              For longevity in the NBA, he will need a jumpshot. He doesn't have to be KD or Derozan in the mid range, but he needs a consistent shot. To bolster his team and himself, he will have to do what Giannis been doing. If you look at most of the best big guys in NBA history, they have a face up and post game. Then they add a midrange game. Others are defensive specialist and great rebounders that find a managable offensive game later on.

              • farley toussaint
                farley toussaint  1 days back

                You can’t Teach 6’11

                • Bruno Mantovaneli
                  Bruno Mantovaneli  3 days back

                  He wouldn't need a jumper if Philly was winning chips.

                  • Robert Balejik
                    Robert Balejik  3 days back

                    he should just shoot with right hand (he's a righty) and he'll have an ok jumper.

                    • Kodreanu23
                      Kodreanu23  4 days back

                      Another stretch of the video. The question is not, does he needs a jumper, but does his team need his jumper, and the answer is yes, with Embiid, not so much if all other players are shooters on the floor (without Embiid). He will not win a championship as a starting point guard without a jump shot. Sorry.

                      • Daniel Curl
                        Daniel Curl  4 days back

                        We got bigs playing like guards and guards playing like bigs. The NBA is weird man.

                        • Notorious BleezyB
                          Notorious BleezyB  4 days back

                          His team has arguably the best starting 5 in the league. He’d be useless if he had the team Curry, Kyrie, Bron or KD at that age.

                          • Shevon Marks
                            Shevon Marks  5 days back

                            All he need to do is attack the rim more than often for the moment

                            • Jeffrey Ramsey
                              Jeffrey Ramsey  6 days back

                              he just need a summer with blake griffin

                              • JPlayz
                                JPlayz  1 weeks back

                                2 comparisons I like
                                1. A young but ready Giannis
                                2. A bigger rajon rondo

                                • JNLY
                                  JNLY  1 weeks back

                                  But he needs it
                                  If he want a championship

                                  • Ian Ross
                                    Ian Ross  1 weeks back

                                    I just have to say, I've only recently discovered your channel but you produce amazing content. I know you approach videos differently, but you and Coach Nick by FAR are my favorite basketball analysis channels now.

                                    • TheRailTracer OfRivia
                                      TheRailTracer OfRivia  2 weeks back

                                      He should work on floaters and his ball hamdling, and try to become the best defensive forward in the league. He can still be extremely valuable without a jumpshot, he just needs to be on the right team

                                      • Jesson Hisoler
                                        Jesson Hisoler  2 weeks back

                                        He is rare himself, a change of form can lead to everything👌🏻

                                        • boxing4 life
                                          boxing4 life  2 weeks back

                                          When it comes to playoffs if your a gaurd u need to be able to shoot cos if u cant u cant spread the floor.. if u seen this playoffs that exacly what happen

                                          • Frank Drago
                                            Frank Drago  2 weeks back

                                            With a jumper he would be a possibile MVP
                                            I Always Hope he Will build a shot but i think the Truth Is he Will Beverly get one

                                            • Arthur Callaghan
                                              Arthur Callaghan  2 weeks back

                                              Love this music never change it

                                              • Matthieu Saade
                                                Matthieu Saade  2 weeks back

                                                Any basketball player anywhere in the world needs a mid-range shot or jumper it's the BASIC of the BASICS

                                                • Michał Droździk
                                                  Michał Droździk  2 weeks back

                                                  Yes. He does need a jumper.

                                                  • Sahin Ceday
                                                    Sahin Ceday  3 weeks back

                                                    0:19 al horford

                                                    • DoubleHelix
                                                      DoubleHelix  3 weeks back

                                                      this channel needs more sub

                                                      • aaron morgan
                                                        aaron morgan  3 weeks back

                                                        what will happen when his athleticism ages.

                                                        • Honfy Lam
                                                          Honfy Lam  3 weeks back

                                                          It's totally unacceptable for someone who is serious about his craft, getting paid millions of dollars and have such a bad shooting form. Just go work on your free throw first this summer, and then move outwards with that same technique

                                                          • Guillermo Aguirre
                                                            Guillermo Aguirre  3 weeks back

                                                            Yes he does

                                                            • Brandon Connors
                                                              Brandon Connors  3 weeks back

                                                              Yes he does

                                                              • DeAndre Page
                                                                DeAndre Page  4 weeks back

                                                                Replace Jimmy Butler with a 3-point specialist like Terrance Ross.
                                                                Let Ben Simmons dominate inside.

                                                                • DeAndre Page
                                                                  DeAndre Page  4 weeks back

                                                                  Philadelphia 76ers messed up by trading rookie, Landry Shamet. 😑😑😑
                                                                  Shot 43% for 3-pointers twice in college.
                                                                  That sharpshooter (Shamet) should have been teammates with Ben Simmons for the next 10 years.

                                                                  • DeAndre Page
                                                                    DeAndre Page  3 weeks back

                                                                    @D1 ominate When you only have 1 SHARPSHOOTER it's easy for the defense to deny that shooter, that's why Ben Simmons must be surrounded by 2 SHARPSHOOTERS to maximize his effectiveness as a 6'10 Point guard with the ability to punish 6'2 PGs off INTERIOR SCORING.
                                                                    A good head coach puts his players in their best position to succeed.
                                                                    Leave it to fans & the National Media to focus on the negatives.

                                                                  • D1 ominate
                                                                    D1 ominate  3 weeks back

                                                                    That’s what they have jj redick for

                                                                • DeAndre Page
                                                                  DeAndre Page  4 weeks back

                                                                  As a former coach myself, I would continue to keep using Ben Simmons as an INTERIOR SCORER & have 2 shooters/3-point specialist on the court with him. 😂😂😂
                                                                  Use SET PLAYS TO ACCENTUATE BEN SIMMONS 6'10 HEIGHT.
                                                                  Pass & Dive to the Rim = UCLA CUT !!!
                                                                  The critics know that Ben Simmons is punishing smaller point guards and want Simmons to go to his weakness. I acknowledge the fact that Simmons needs a jumpshot eventually, but NOT RIGHT NOW. 😂😂😂 Simmons needs a 2nd SHARPSHOOTER besides the older J.J. Redick .
                                                                  Punish these haters with INTERIOR SCORING for 1 more year.
                                                                  Become the master at something before he branches out to other things because his 6'10 height as a point guard punishes NBA point guards.

                                                                  • Yoshiki G
                                                                    Yoshiki G  4 weeks back

                                                                    He needs to have a jumper. This can elevate his game so much.

                                                                    • 6IX
                                                                      6IX  4 weeks back

                                                                      So he’s a playmaking post scorer build, sounds like someone was high when they made him

                                                                      • Jeffrey Ramsey
                                                                        Jeffrey Ramsey  6 days back

                                                                        more of a slashing point forward

                                                                      • Demon xtriker
                                                                        Demon xtriker  2 weeks back

                                                                        I made this build when i first play 2k.

                                                                      • Demon xtriker
                                                                        Demon xtriker  2 weeks back

                                                                        I made that build first time i played 2k, never max it out but my mid range fade was deadly.

                                                                    • The People's Mix
                                                                      The People's Mix  4 weeks back

                                                                      I didn’t understand why you didn’t bring up his IQ at all it’s top in the league not counting Warriors or Raptors players

                                                                      • gerald lewis
                                                                        gerald lewis  4 weeks back

                                                                        I love your analyst, on point.

                                                                        • Travis Peach
                                                                          Travis Peach  4 weeks back

                                                                          Uh.........yes......he does.

                                                                          • cuzmariosaidso
                                                                            cuzmariosaidso  4 weeks back

                                                                            paused @ 00:01


                                                                            • Ouzy 360
                                                                              Ouzy 360  1 months back

                                                                              I feel like he could be a better Draymond Green.

                                                                              • 100 kiloluk zenci
                                                                                100 kiloluk zenci  1 months back

                                                                                He is NOT a good player. He limits offense. Any role player guard is better than having ben simmons in your team

                                                                                • Blue Marley
                                                                                  Blue Marley  1 months back


                                                                                  • RealSteelJyn
                                                                                    RealSteelJyn  1 months back

                                                                                    Want me to call Kawhi?

                                                                                    • mrhoopfan
                                                                                      mrhoopfan  1 months back

                                                                                      Would be nice, but Simmons doesn't NEED a jumper. Just get great at backwards walking his man down to mid post area and operate from there. Score 1 on 1 or draw a double. Needs to keep improving his ability to read space when he doesn't have the ball so he can, back cut, duck in, relocate to scoring angles. Also with the ball, getting a ball screens from his teammate who is being guarded by a small then exploit the switch or hedge.

                                                                                      • richard funderburk
                                                                                        richard funderburk  1 months back

                                                                                        This dude is a small forward stop calling him a point guard

                                                                                        • Leonard Perez
                                                                                          Leonard Perez  1 months back

                                                                                          "It's Greg Maddux accuracy on a Nolan Ryan fastball." 👏🏼👏🏼

                                                                                          The visual you created is just as impressive as that pass.

                                                                                          • Danny Isambard
                                                                                            Danny Isambard  1 months back

                                                                                            Yes. The Raptors series made it abundantly clear that without a jumper he has very little influence on the game

                                                                                            • Alasdair Macintyre
                                                                                              Alasdair Macintyre  1 months back